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Bulat Tretyakov
Bulat Tretyakov

[S1E20] Incursion Part2 !FREE!

On Rimbor, the freed Leaguers walk down a street, happy to be heading home with their names cleared. Suddenly, Vandal Savage broadcasts a message through three holographic monitors to issue a message to the citizens of Rimbor and the whole galaxy. He declares Earth off-limits to all incursion or invasion, and threatens those who breach Earth's security with retribution. Superman is skeptical that Savage can back up his threat, but Batman points to the Warworld currently passing through Rimbor.

[S1E20] Incursion Part2

Easy way to stop an incursion in my opinion, Young should go along this route in the future, may seem barbaric but in reality when a bunch of Intergalatic thugs who want to cause you harm and take your ship are about to arrive, mercy should come 2nd to the lives of anyone under your command.

incursion was cool! but why do i have to wait another week!? this torture gotta stop. now ill have to waste hours of my life trying to figure out whats going to happen in the next episode thanks alot Joe. oh and tell Elyse Levesque thanks for answering my questions, really appreciate it.

Continuing our survey before the Rus with a look at the eastern part of the region. The Bulgars reach the central Volga, Magyars move south, Khazar power preventing new incursions from the steppe starts to crumble.

How far would a father go to seek justice for his child? That is the ultimate question posed in Sundown, written by one of the newer writers, Lee A. Carlisle, when a father takes a busload of hostages, threatening to blow it up unless his daughter's war crimes are posthumously cleared and her death by suicide investigated. The father, Gary DeMayo gives the team until sundown to discover the truth, or he carries out his threat. His daughter, Corporal Kyra DeMayo was asleep on guard duty during an incursion which saw a cache of weapons stolen. Opioids were found in her system and she was other than honourably discharged. Kyra suffered a brain injury during the attack and committed suicide, shooting herself in a park. 041b061a72


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