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Instabox: de toekomst van Red je Pakketje met slimme pakketkluizen

What Happened to Red Je Pakketje?

If you live in the Netherlands, you might have heard of Red Je Pakketje, a delivery company that promised to deliver your online orders on the same day. You might have also noticed that they changed their name to Instabox recently. What happened to Red Je Pakketje? Why did they sell their business to a Swedish company? And what does this mean for you as a customer or a business owner? In this article, we'll answer these questions and more.

red je pakketje

The Rise and Fall of Red Je Pakketje

How Red Je Pakketje Started

Red Je Pakketje was founded in 2014 by Sam Rohn, an entrepreneur who was frustrated with the slow and unreliable delivery services in the Netherlands. He decided to create his own company that would deliver packages on the same day, within a specific time slot, and with real-time tracking. He started by driving his own car and delivering packages himself, but soon he hired more drivers and expanded his network.

How Red Je Pakketje Grew

Red Je Pakketje quickly gained popularity among online shoppers who wanted their orders delivered fast and conveniently. They also attracted many online retailers who wanted to offer same-day delivery as a competitive advantage. Some of their clients included Coolblue,, Zalando, and Albert Heijn. By 2020, Red Je Pakketje had over 1000 employees, 600 vehicles, and 12 hubs across the country. They delivered over 10 million packages per year and had a revenue of 40 million.

How Red Je Pakketje Struggled

However, despite their impressive growth, Red Je Pakketje faced many challenges along the way. They had to deal with high operational costs, low margins, intense competition, and changing customer expectations. They also had to cope with the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, which increased the demand for online shopping but also disrupted their supply chain and logistics. Moreover, they had to invest heavily in technology and innovation to keep up with the market trends and customer needs.

The Acquisition by Instabox

Why Instabox Bought Red Je Pakketje

In May 2021, Red Je Pakketje announced that they had been acquired by Instabox, a Swedish company that offers smart lockers and same-day delivery services in several European countries. The deal was estimated at 25 million, according to some sources. But why did Instabox buy Red Je Pakketje? And what did they see in them?

Instabox works by allowing customers to choose between home delivery or locker delivery when they shop online. If they choose locker delivery, they can select a nearby locker location from a map and receive a code to open the locker once their parcel arrives. They can then pick up their parcel at any time within 72 hours. If they choose home delivery, they can receive their parcel on the same day, within a specific time slot, and with real-time tracking. They can also change their delivery destination during transit if they are not at home.

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How much does Instabox cost?

Instabox charges a flat fee of 3.95 for locker delivery and 4.95 for home delivery. However, some online retailers may offer free or discounted delivery with Instabox as part of their service. Customers can also enjoy free returns with Instabox by dropping off their parcels at any locker location.

Is Instabox eco-friendly?

Yes, Instabox is eco-friendly. The company delivers all parcels with fossil-free fuel or electric vehicles, reducing their carbon footprint and emissions. They also use smart routing and optimization algorithms to minimize their driving distance and fuel consumption. Moreover, they encourage customers to use lockers instead of home delivery, which reduces the number of failed deliveries and unnecessary trips.


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