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Fermer Oyunu: Modern ve Klasik Çiftlik Oyunları

What is Fermer Oyunu and How to Play It?

If you love farming games, you might have heard of Fermer Oyunu, a popular simulation game that lets you manage your own realistic farm in an open world. In this article, we will explain what Fermer Oyunu is, why it is so popular, and how to play it. We will also share some tips and tricks to help you become a successful farmer in the game.


Farming games are a genre of video games that simulate various aspects of farming, such as planting, harvesting, selling, breeding, and more. They are usually casual and relaxing games that appeal to a wide range of players. Some of the most famous farming games include FarmVille, Stardew Valley, Harvest Moon, and Animal Crossing.

fermer oyunu

One of the newest additions to the farming game genre is Fermer Oyunu, which means "farming game" in Turkish. It is a mobile game developed by GIANTS Software, a Swiss company that specializes in creating realistic simulation games. Fermer Oyunu is based on the Farming Simulator series, which has been around since 2008 and has sold over 25 million copies worldwide.

What is Fermer Oyunu?

Fermer Oyunu is a mobile version of Farming Simulator 16, which was released in 2015 for various platforms. It is a 3D game that allows you to manage your own farm in extraordinary detail. You can plant, grow, harvest, and sell five different crops: wheat, canola, corn, sugar beet, and potatoes. You can also raise cows and sheep, and sell milk and wool. You can even harvest wood with dedicated machinery and sell the timber.

The game features massive tractors and other machines from over 20 brands of agricultural manufacturers, such as New Holland, Case IH, Ponsse, Lamborghini, Horsch, Krone, Amazone, MAN, and more. You can take direct control of these machines or hire AI helpers to assist you. You can also play with a friend in local multiplayer mode for WiFi and Bluetooth.

Why is Fermer Oyunu popular?

Fermer Oyunu is popular because it offers a realistic and immersive farming experience that is hard to find in other mobile games. The game has high-quality graphics that show even more detail on your machinery and environment. The game also has realistic physics and mechanics that make the farming tasks more challenging and rewarding.

Another reason why Fermer Oyunu is popular is because it appeals to both casual and hardcore gamers. The game has a simple interface and easy controls that make it accessible to anyone. The game also has a lot of depth and variety that make it engaging for long-term players. The game has a dynamic market that changes according to supply and demand. The game also has different modes and challenges that test your skills and knowledge.

How to Play Fermer Oyunu

If you are interested in playing Fermer Oyunu, here are the steps you need to follow:

Download and install the game

The first step is to download and install the game on your mobile device. You can find the game on Google Play Store or App Store for free. The game requires Android 4.0.3 or later or iOS 9.0 or later to run. The game also requires about 150 MB of storage space.

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Choose your farm and equipment

The next step is to choose your farm location and equipment , and loading. You can also hire helpers to drive your vehicles or machines for you. You can assign them to follow you, drive to a waypoint, or drive in a circle. You can also switch between your vehicles or machines and your helpers at any time.

Tips and Tricks for Fermer Oyunu

To help you enjoy the game more and become a better farmer, here are some tips and tricks for Fermer Oyunu:

Use the map and GPS to navigate

The game has a large and detailed map that shows you the locations of your farm, fields, animals, buildings, vehicles, machines, shops, markets, and more. You can also see the status of your crops, such as their growth stage, moisture level, and weed infestation. You can zoom in and out of the map and move it around to see different areas.

The game also has a GPS feature that helps you navigate the map and find your destination. You can set a waypoint on the map and follow the arrow on your screen. You can also use the GPS to guide your vehicles or machines along straight or curved lines. This can help you plow, cultivate, sow, fertilize, or harvest your fields more efficiently.

Upgrade your machines and vehicles

The game allows you to upgrade your machines and vehicles to improve their performance and appearance. You can buy new parts or attachments from the shop or customize them in the garage. You can change the color, wheels, engine, lights, horns, beacons, and more of your machines and vehicles. You can also repair them if they get damaged or dirty.

Upgrading your machines and vehicles can help you save time and money in the long run. For example, you can buy a bigger trailer or tipper to carry more crops or materials. You can also buy a faster or more powerful tractor or harvester to work on larger fields or tougher terrains.

Try different modes and challenges

The game offers you different modes and challenges to spice up your farming experience. You can choose from three difficulty levels: easy, normal, or hard. Each level has different settings for your starting budget, loan interest rate, crop prices, animal productivity, helper wages, fuel consumption, vehicle maintenance, and more.

The game also has various missions and achievements that you can complete for extra rewards. You can accept missions from other farmers who need your help with their tasks. You can also unlock achievements by reaching certain milestones or performing certain actions in the game.

Interact with other players online

The game supports online multiplayer mode that lets you play with other players from around the world. You can join or create a server and invite up to five friends to join you. You can also chat with other players using text or voice messages.

Playing with other players online can make the game more fun and social. You can cooperate with other players to work on your farms together. You can also compete with other players to see who has the best farm or who can complete the missions faster.


Fermer Oyunu is a great game for anyone who loves farming games or simulation games in general. It offers a realistic and immersive farming experience that is hard to find in other mobile games. It also has a lot of depth and variety that make it engaging for long-term players.

If you want to try Fermer Oyunu for yourself, you can download it for free from Google Play Store or App Store. You can also visit the official website of GIANTS Software for more information about the game and its features.


  • What is the difference between Fermer Oyunu and Farming Simulator 16?

  • Fermer Oyunu is a mobile version of Farming Simulator 16 that is adapted for Turkish players. It has the same features and gameplay as Farming Simulator 16, but it has Turkish language support and Turkish currency.

  • How do I get more money in Fermer Oyunu?

  • You can get more money in Fermer Oyunu by selling your crops, milk, wool, wood, or animals at the market. You can also get more money by completing missions or achievements. Alternatively, you can take out a loan from the bank or use cheats to get unlimited money.

  • How do I get more crops in Fermer Oyunu?

  • You can get more crops in Fermer Oyunu by planting more seeds on your fields. You can also get more crops by fertilizing your soil or using irrigation systems. Additionally, you can get more crops by buying more fields or expanding your existing ones. Furthermore, you can get more crops by using the time acceleration feature or by sleeping in your bed.

  • How do I get more animals in Fermer Oyunu?

  • You can get more animals in Fermer Oyunu by buying them from the shop. You can choose from cows, sheep, chickens, horses, dogs, cats, and more. You can also get more animals by breeding them or finding them in the wild.

  • How do I get more wood in Fermer Oyunu?

You can get more wood in Fermer Oyunu by cutting


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