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Meditation: Take a seat

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Welcome! I am thrilled you have decided to begin a meditation practice. For the next four weeks you will receive a blog post every Sunday highlighting what we will discuss in our Mindful Monday Morning talks. This month of meditation is a kick starter for you to develop a meaningful practice of your own. Each week we will discuss a new tool you can use during your meditation to help you sit longer and dive deeper into your practice.

Now, understand that you do not need to be a yogic history buff to begin a meditation practice. However, if you are curious about how meditation began and how it has changed throughout time I would love for you to read this incredible article by Georg Feuerstein!

Just like embarking on any new adventure you must show up for it to begin. Take the time to set up your seat before meditating. No, it does not have to be cross legged on the floor. You can sit in a comfortable chair, the couch, or even just sit up in bed! Find a place that feels easy for you to be. If the body is aching with discomfort that will only distract you from your practice. Use props, light a candle, turn on your diffuser, make the space your own. The more inviting you make the space, the more often you will want to return.

Wherever your seat is for our first meditation practice tomorrow, be sure you can sit up tall. Posture is important during meditation because you are creating more space for your lungs and diaphragm to expand. This will make it easier to take deep meaningful breaths. The breath is an extremely important tool of meditation! We will explore using your inhales and exhales as a point of focus for the mind. The mind is constantly living in the past through analyzing experiences or living in the future trying to predict or plan your next action. By connecting to our breath we are connecting to our physical body which always lives in this present moment. The mind cannot be condemned for analyzing or planning, because after all, those are its primary functions. However, taking time out of your morning to pause, breath, and connect to the physical body will create some space between the thoughts and cultivate harmony between the mind and the physical body. That's the magic!

So, before the session tomorrow please drink a big glass of water as soon as you get out of bed, stretch if you feel stiff or tight, grab a journal, and most importantly- take your seat.

Namaste xx


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