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C4 4/14


7 minutes of work at each station 2 minutes of rest/transition.


14 reps of each exercise Complete as many rounds as possible


1) Kettlebell squat: Stand with feet wide, toes pointing forward, and hold a heavy kettlebell in each hand. Start in squat position, thighs parallel to the floor. Activate glutes, keep your chest lifted, drive through the heels to stand up thrust hips forward. Keep chest lifted as you slowly squat back down to the start position. Repeat

2) Tricep kickback balance: Knees on bench, light dumbbell, pull elbow behind the back and extend from that starting position. Think about driving the elbow up and back every time you pull the dumbbell in.

3) Pivot lunge with extension: Start with feet wide toes turned out. As you pivot to one side lift the opposite heel up to drop into a high lunge. Drive the dumbbell out in front of you. SHOULDER KILLER! (14 total)

4) Bicep curl with kettlebell: Elbows in tight to the sides, knees soft. Engage the bicep to curl the KB into the chest. Reduce swing in the hips/core.


14 reps of each exercise Complete as many rounds as possible


1) Single leg toe reaches: 'L' shape with legs reach dumbbell to opposite toe. (14 total, 7 reaches each leg)

2) Declined sit-ups: Mid-back reclining off the pads, reach arms all the way back to tap thumbs to the ground. Engage to sit- up and taps index finger to the pads. Dig heels down to engage the legs and stabilize the sit-up. The decline makes the traditional sit up more challenging as you are working against gravity and have to sit-up farther.

3) Superman rolls: Start on belly in superman position reaching in opposite directions. Holding shoulder blades off the pads rolls to back and curl knees to chest. Every roll counts as 1 rep.

4) Knee lift + crossover: Holding yourself up lift one leg up and over tricep dip handle to one side and then the other. 14 total, 7 each leg.


Pick either rower or stationary bike for the full 7 minutes!


1/2 time on tread wall any holds going for distance.

1/2 time farmer lunges down the length of both benches and back.

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