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C4 4/21

7 minutes of work at each station 2 minutes of rest/transition.


14 reps total of each exercise AMRAP

1) Foot switch + Curtsey lunge - with a light set of dumbbells hop to tape and quickly switch your feet and land in a curtsey lunge on the opposite foot. Helps with quick precise foot switches when climbing while strengthening lower body! (14 total reps, 7 each leg)

2) Air squat - no weight dropping hips slightly below knee level, squeeze glutes as you stand up!

3) Renegade row - feet wide moderately heavy weights ( I am using 20lb dumbbells here ) Drive elbow straight back (like a tricep kickback) control the lower. (14 total reps, 7 each arm)

Cardio: Partner work

Row 500m while partner runs high knees down the aisle, and butt kickers back up!


Core: 14 reps of each exercise AMRAP

1) Resistance sit ups + isometric pulls - Reach band over head and pull as you reach up. After 7 reps hold half way and pull the band out at shoulder height 7 reps.

2 ) Modified side plank lift - with one leg crossed over light and lower hips all the way to the ground. (7 lifts each side 14 total reps)

3) Stability ball pikes - balancing feet on stability ball drag the ball in to pike hips up. Modification is no ball, traditional hip pikes.

Climbing: Split time/Partner work

1) Start with isometric scapular retraction - 10 reps with resistance band pull shoulder blades together (retraction) to lift arms up, and release shoulder blades apart and you pull the band out. This activates your traps without fatiguing the muscle.

2) Pull-ups - 5 reps, stretch with resistance band, 10 scapular retractions REPEAT 3 1/2 minutes. You can use the band assist, pull- up machine, or strict pull-ups.

3) Tread wall - new routes up! Try a new route and go for distance. 3 1/2 minutes

(Try to beat your partner!)

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